Philadelphia Water Department Advanced Storage Facility

R2T was contracted as a sub-consultant to work alongside CH2M Hill’s Water Business Group to provide design and engineering services for the Philadelphia Water Department’s East Park Reservoir, a state-of-the art 60 million gallon storage facility. R2T led process equipment and process yard piping design.

The facility was designed to fit both the hydraulic grade line of the upstream transmission system and the downstream service zone. Two 30MG circular, pre-stressed concrete water storage tanks, supporting infrastructure, control structures, and monitoring structures were provided.

During the design phase, R2T developed the schematic yard piping plan and layout considering operational requirements, routing alternatives, piping requirements, alignment to prevent disturbance to existing critical structures, utility conflicts, drain and overflow, coordination with I&C, and connection to existing influent and effluent piping.

R2T also provided the preliminary design associated with influent flow meters and cone control valves, monitoring equipment, and effluent flow meters and isolation valves.

River 2 Tap East Park Elevated View