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Providing MS4 Oversight in the Killer Creek Watershed

R2T provided professional assistance for general engineering consulting services for the Foe Killer Creek Watershed Improvement Plan as a part of City of Roswell’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permitted Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) program regulated by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD).

The major tasks for this project are Sub-watershed Overview, Stream Walks and Outfall Confirmation, Septic System Inventory, Priority BMPs and Implementation Planning.

Sub-watershed Overview: The overview includes delineating the Foe Killer Creek drainage area and reviewing Foe Killer Creek drainage area maps. A review of all historical water quality data is used to establish baseline conditions of Foe Killer Creek. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) web based databases for listed potential pollutant sources within the Foe Killer Creek Sub-watershed is also included in the overview.

Stream Walks and Outfall Confirmation: R2T will conduct stream walks along the four mile listed segment of Foe Killer Creek and one mile upstream of the listed segment. Stream walks are critical for assessing and verifying existing conditions of the watersheds. R2T will inspect outfalls along the four-mile Foe Killer Creek impaired stream segment and one mile upstream of the impaired stream segment. The outfall inspection confirms the location of the MS4 outfalls located on the City’s outfall inventory (provided by the City). The confirmation of outfalls meets the MS4 TMDL permit requirements.

Septic System Inventory: R2T will assist the City in developing and inventory of septic tanks located within the Foe Killer Creek Sub-basin. This task required information from the City including billing data and GIS layers of sewer system. A preliminary survey was conducted using geographic information system (GIS) water and sewer layers as well as water and sewer billing records to determine potential septic tank locations within the Hog Waller Creek Watershed.

Priority BMPs: R2T will develop recommended Best Management Practices (BMPs) specific to the needs and impairments identified within the Foe Killer Creek sub-watershed.  The BMPs will be assigned priority according to effectiveness, cost, and ease of implementation.

Implementation Planning: R2T developed recommended funding sources and tracking methods to ensure implementation of the Hog Waller Creek WIP.

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