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DeKalb Consent Decree Project Management Team

ClientDekalb County Department of Watershed Management
LocationDeKalb County, GA
ServicesWastewater engineering, Hydraulic analysis, Program management, Asset management, Condition assessment, Prioritization

DeKalb Consent Decree Project Management Team

R2T played a major role in the success of the DeKalb County Consent Decree (Sewer Assessment and Rehabilitation Program). Our team supported CH2M with Program Management services related to successful delivery of the PASARP assessment, scoring, prioritization, rehabilitation and flow metering phases of the program.

R2T played integral roles during planning and implementation of PASARP condition assessment activities which included sanitary sewer evaluations, a tiered sewer inspection approach that included assessment activities such as smoke testing, acoustic testing, manhole inspection and CCTV.

Prior to the fieldwork, R2T contributed to developing a standardized coding and scoring process for all inspections. R2T assisted in risk scoring, review and rehab recommendation, and software customization and integration required to process results of sanitary sewer evaluation data into recommended actions. Corrective actions were categorized as (1) capacity limitations, (2) structural defects, or (3) maintenance. Capacity limitations were evaluated using DWM’s hydraulic model in InfoWorks CS, and the structural and maintenance categories were evaluated using the field assessments.

R2T is currently providing senior quality control of the County’s in-house flow metering program support. The effort includes using scripting tools and visual inspections of hydrographs and scattergraphs to produce monthly reports and a database tagging the daily quality of data for each flow meter and each rain gauge, over 250 in total.  The purpose of this is to ensure the impending recalibration of DWM’s sewer system model is not delayed by issues arising from poor data, and to ensure DWM has useful tools to enhance the quality of its ongoing data collection once the program is completed.