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DeKalb Feasibility Study

ClientDeKalb County Department of Watershed Management
LocationDeKalb County, GA
ServicesWater and Wastewater Engineering

DeKalb Feasibility Study

As a subcontractor to Hartramf Engineering, R2T conducted a feasibility study that identified alternatives for providing chilled water and continuous flushing to the Georgia System Operations Corporation (GSOC) corporate headquarters building.  GSOC controls and monitors electric generation, transmission and distribution assets owned by Oglethorpe Power Corporation, Georgia Transmission Corporation, the Member Systems and other customers. R2T was contracted to perform the following tasks:

Review of Existing System: R2T assisted the Prime Contractor and GSOC in identifying project goals and objectives and to obtain existing system information. Existing information was used as the foundation of the evaluation.

System Site Visit: A site visit was conducted to review the existing water system and verify information obtained under data review, including review of the current layout and system capacity.

Alternatives Development: Upon review of existing conditions (including results of the utility locating), R2T identified three water supply alternatives to maintain proper flow and pressure.  In addition, a summary, cost estimate, and the feasibility of each alternative was presented. 

Letter Report: R2T developed a draft report summarizing findings including cost estimates. R2T presented findings to Hartrampf in a review meeting to ensure all project goals were met. A Final Letter Report was developed incorporating comments received.