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Distribution System Model Calibration and Water System CIP

ClientCity of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management
LocationAtlanta, GA
ServicesModeling, Hydraulic analysis, GIS, Demand forecasting

Distribution System Model Calibration and Water System CIP

The City of Atlanta’s water supply system provides about 1.2 million people with drinking water and is characterized by several ongoing challenges.  The service area includes many critical customers whose continuous service with safe drinking water is important to public health, such as the world’s busiest airport and numerous hospitals.  Atlanta is host to a large commuting population and several major events causing people to congregate in various parts of town.  The system includes aging infrastructure with some pipes dating to the 19th century.  There is substantial elevation change in the piedmont complicating pressure management, and the dense development makes new infrastructure challenging and costly.  Moreover, the region is experiencing renewed growth and urbanization requiring the most effective planning tools, including a new and sophisticated Water Distribution System Model

R2T managed and executed the development and calibration of the City’s latest water model, which incorporated the City’s newest GIS data set and replaced its previous model with an all-pipes network containing over 98,000 links and dozens of tanks and pumps.  The model was delivered in 2015 along with training workshops for the benefit of DWM’s modelers.  Since that time, DWM has begun exclusively using the newly-calibrated model, which was engineered in InfoWater to streamline and accelerate processes for its modeling team while also greatly enhancing its detail.

Beginning in 2017, DWM engaged R2T once again to develop a water distribution system CIP.  As part of a joint venture, R2T managed and executed all phases of the project.  We developed water demand forecasts with an innovative forecasting tool enabling DWM to experiment with various demand scenarios and settle on an appropriate level of conservatism.  We then leveraged the hydraulic model and developed a detailed project report replete with cost details, engineering justification for each recommendation, and prioritization.  The updated distribution system CIP was completed in 2019.  Our engineering justifications were thorough such that several projects began engineering design services in short order, and with our assistance, were also successful in being invited for a formal loan application to the federal WIFIA program.

Our team is excited to announce that for this project R2T has been named the winner of a 2020 ACEC Georgia Engineering Excellence Honorary Award, which recognizes innovative and exceptional projects by Georgia Engineers.