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Dobbins Air Force Reserve Base

ClientUnited States Air Force
LocationMarietta, GA
ServicesCivil, Water and Wastewater Engineering

Dobbins Air Force Reserve Base

R2T was contracted by the Dobbins Air Reserve Base (ARB) to provide professional assistance for general engineering consulting services for developing an Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Plan (IDDE). R2T was responsible for evaluating the existing uncommissioned sewer for any potential illicit sewer-cross connections to meet industry standard permit requirements.

Our team consolidated all available survey/GIS information and prepared exhibits as required. Recommended testing methods were prioritized and performed according to inflow identification and characterization methodology. Field testing was conducted to document and identify all sources of infiltration. Upon the completion of the field testing, R2T delivered the survey in a comprehensive findings report.

Routine stormwater sampling was needed to meet Dobbins ARB MS4 permit conditions as part of the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) regulations. R2T was responsible for sampling water quality and monitoring chemical and hazardous waste. When Industrial Waste Characterization samples were required, R2T provided Dobbins ARB with data needed via collecting, analyzing, and reporting the data as required to evaluate what procedures need to be taken to handle types of industrial hazardous waste. R2T provided the Dobbins ARB with assistance on EPD reporting and future planning.