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Fulton-Cobb Diversion Line and Pump Station

ClientFulton County Department of Public Works
LocationFulton County, GA
ServicesEnvironmental Assessments, Permitting, Water Resources, Design, Construction Management

Fulton-Cobb Diversion Line and Pump Station

R2T assisted the Fulton County Department of Public Works with the development of the design-build construction of the Fulton-Cobb Diversion Pipeline and Pump Station. A new pump station and pipeline which will be installed to connect the Riverside Road Pump Station to an existing line of the Cobb County Water System (CCWS) with available capacity to achieve this water diversion. The proposed pipeline will be approximately 6-miles in length and approximately one mile in length within the Chattahoochee River NRA property.

Fulton County is expanding the Big Creek Water Reclamation Facility (BCWRF) to accommodate an increase in wastewater treatment demand that has resulted from the urbanization of the surrounding area. Approximately 3.5 to 10 million gallons per day (MGD) of wastewater currently flowing into the BCWRF will need to be safely redirected to Cobb County for treatment. The Riverside Road Pump Station currently services the BCWRF. 

  • Pump Station Design: R2T provided design of the diversion pump station selecting pumps with capacity to pump 3.5 to 10 MGD of unscreened wastewater passing 6-inch spherical solids. R2T worked with Fulton County and pump distributers to confirm the selection of the pumps.
  • Erosion Control Design: R2T provided the design of the erosion and sedimentation control drawings, notes and details for the pump station and pipeline.  Note sheets included detailed description of requirements for construction within the National Park Service.
  • Permitting:  R2T provided environmental permitting services including the National Park Service special use permits, right-of-way permit, an Environmental Assessment, Wetlands Statement of Findings, Floodplain Statement of Findings, Metropolitan River Protection Act (MRPA) applications for two properties, and non-substantial change letters for four additional properties. R2T also developed the pre-construction notification for the 404 permit for stream crossings.

A wetlands delineation report was prepared in support of the Wetlands Statement of Findings and the pre-construction notification for the 404 permit. Wetlands protection measures were incorporated into the erosion control design. R2T also assisted the contractor with applications and submittals to the City of Roswell, Cobb County, and City of Sandy Springs for land disturbance permits.