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Sandy Springs Streamwalks

ClientCity of Sandy Springs
LocationSandy Springs, GA
ServicesEnvironmental & Wastewater

Sandy Springs Streamwalks

The City of Sandy Springs tasked R2T with evaluating impaired streams and tributaries of Crooked Creek, Ball Mill Creek, Marsh Creek, Long Island Creek, and Nancy Creek in Sandy Springs, GA in accordance with GA EPD and US EPA standards. Our team’s tasks included the collection of field data by walking, measuring and photographing critical areas in the watershed (i.e. streams, wetlands, conveyance streams and potential pollutant sources). Other responsabilities included the identification of:

  • Percentage, height and length of stream bank erosion.
  • Riparian buffers impacted by activity within 25‐feet of the stream.
  • Hydrologic & man‐made channel alterations.
  • Potential pollution sources including potential sewer line breaks, potential illicit discharges, etc.
  • Potential maintenance issues.
  • Miscellaneous observations such as beaver dams, water withdrawals, wetlands, etc.
  • Location of existing or potential BMPs along the stream margins.
  • Potential stream restoration opportunities.
  • Quantify physical habitat using the latest GA DNR stream habitat assessment forms (2007 SOP).
  • Generalized cross‐sections that depict bank-full width/depth, flood-prone width/depth, and top of bank width/depth.

R2T provided summaries with photographs, habitat scores, potential pollutant source observations and recommendations of best management practices.