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Water Resources and Environmental

Water Resources

Our experts can help you navigate the challenges of regulatory compliance and water resources management.

River to Tap’s (R2T) Water Resources and Regulatory Compliance Team is made up of qualified personnel to address various types of projects. We work with municipalities and regulators to develop solutions to protect, improve, store and distribute water. Our engineers and scientists have conducted watershed investigations, water quality evaluations and stormwater management studies of various sizes and complexities. We provide planning, design, and construction services for water resources projects for our clients. Our team applies experiences and emerging technologies to provide sustainable cost effective solutions that are based on scientific and engineering analysis.

R2T has provided assistance with meeting National Pollution Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES) requirements for wastewater planning including developing watershed monitoring plans, watershed assessment plans, watershed protection plans, anti-degradation reviews and  environmental information documents.

R2T also provides assistance to municipalities in meeting regulatory mandates related to the CWA and SDWA. We work with department staff and regulators to identify streams for delisting and develop watershed management plans that include the best management practices (BMPs) and action plans for meeting reduction goals.

Areas of Expertise
  • Water Resources Planning. Our staff is experienced in permitting and planning for various types of projects. We provide assistance on projects to meet requirements of the Clean Water Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act. R2T has a successful track record in completing source water and watershed assessments, watershed monitoring plans, anti-degradation reviews, water conservation plans, drought contingency plans and completing many other regulatory exercises. Our extensive experience in collecting, assessing and analyzing water quality allows us to identify critical issues and required solutions.
  • TMDL Compliance. R2T provides assistance to municipalities in TMDL monitoring and permit compliance. We asssist with stream monitoring and modeling, implementation plan development, sampling quality assurance plans (SQAP) development and regulatory reporting. We work with department staff and regulators to identify streams for delisting and develop watershed management plans that include the best management practices (BMPS) and action plans for meeting reduction goals outlined in TMDLs.
  • MS4 Compliance. Each year R2T’s staff guides several municipalities through the Municipal Separated Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) program We perform illicit discharge inspections, water quality monitoring and ms4 annual report development.
  • Water Reuse Feasibility. R2T staff is experienced with developing water reuse feasibility studies to meet water withdrawal permitting requirements and forwater resource management planning.
  • Environmental Services. Environmental permitting and modeling services include completing environmental site assessments, ecological evaluations and air and noise assessments to comply with national environmental protection act (NEPA) requirements.

R2T staff is experienced in preparing quality environmental assessment (EA) and Categorical Exclusion (CE) documents in accordance with National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requirements. We are also experienced in completing Georgia Environmental Policy Act (GEPA) documentation. Our team is familiar with the various state and federal agency (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of Natural Resources, EPA and SHPO) consultations needed as a part of the process to advance projects to right-of-way acquisition and construction in accordance with NEPA and GEPA.

Our in-house resources provide us with expertise needed to manage various NEPA processes and procedures associated with transportation, the National Park Service (NPS), and the U.S. Corps of Engineers. Our team is supported by an established network of engineers, ecologists, historians, archaeologists and air and noise specialists who assist with various special studies under NEPA; including Section 4(F) evaluations, environmental justice analysis, indirect and cumulative impact assessments, and public involvement. We also work with GIS technicians, planners and regulators to manage projects efficiently through preliminary engineering, design, permitting and construction phases.

Areas of Expertise
  • National Park Service NEPA. Our team has prepared environmental assessments to evaluate potential impacts of NPS projects on environmental resources. Tasks included evaluation of project alternatives, agency coordination, indirect and cumulative impact analysis and public involvement.
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers NEPA. Our staff has experience conducting environmental assessments for Corps of Engineers projects. We document environmental considerations, project alternatives and environmental impacts of the proposed action in preparation for public review and comment, and preparation of a finding of no significant impact (FONSI) which decides that the project would have no significant impact on environmental resources.
  • Air and Noise Studies. The R2T team is experienced in Air & Noise modeling using Mobile6 and CAL3QHC for air modeling and TNM for noise modeling. This work includes understanding and interpreting traffic data as it applies to noise and air quality studies, field measurements for noise using a Type II calibrated sound level meter, and air quality and noise reports prepared in a reader friendly format consistent with standard NEPA writing style.         
  • Transportation NEPA and GEPA. Our staff has managed, authored and reviewed various EAs, CEs and PCEs in transportation such as bridge replacements, roadway detours, passing lanes, new location roadways and road widening improvements. Our team has a strong understanding of the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) Project Development Plan (PDP) and the Environmental Procedures Manual necessary in evaluating potential project impacts and managing schedules to ensure timely project delivery.
  • Ecological Services.  R2T staff have performed a wide variety of projects within various regions of the U.S. Specific experience includes: performing detailed field studies including wetland delineations and protected species surveys; preparing environmental documents for project compliance with NEPA and the Endangered Species Act (ESA); preparing ecology documents in accordance with the Department of Transportation (DOT) environmental requirements; conducting and facilitating agency consultations including ESA Section 7; and preparing Clean Water Act (CWA) Section 404/401 permit applications and Georgia Environ l Protection Division (GEPD) Stream Buffer Variance (SBV) applications.