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Civil and Stormwater

Atlanta BeltLine Stormwater Design Services

R2T, as a subconsultant, has integrated Geographic Information System (GIS) with PC SWMM stormwater management software to develop hydrology and hydraulics analysis for the Northeast and Southside corridor design of the Atlanta BeltLine. The Southside Trail project consists of the design of a 14-foot wide concrete multi-use path with 3-foot soft shoulders on each side extending approximately 4 miles between University Avenue and Glenwood Avenue. The Northeast Trail project includes a similar design for a multi-use path with soft shoulders on each side and extending approximately 4 miles between Westminister Drive and the bridge at Clear Creek, behind Ansley Mall. […]

BMP Assessments for 2020-2021 MS4 Report

Clayton County Water Authority is responsible for implementing many stormwater management services required by the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), Phase I Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permits, and Stormwater Management Plans held by Clayton County and its six cities. One of these requirements is assessing permittee-owned retention and detention facilities for potential retrofitting for water quality impacts. During the 2020-2021 Reporting Period, R2T will assist CCWA with this task by assessing 12 Clayton County-owned facilities. R2T will be responsible for Project Management, a project management work plan, QA/AC Reviews of lab data reports, MS4 Permitting, and BMP […]

West Manor Green Infrastructure Challenge

R2T provided design services for the green infrastructure project—a design approach that uses natural systems to reduce stormwater runoff, improve water quality, enhance pedestrian safety, and beautify the City neighborhoods.

Stormwater Monitoring and Smoke Testing

R2T provides professional assistance for general engineering consulting services for water quality monitoring of stormwater as part of Dobbins AFR. R2T provides stormwater monitoring and reporting assistance to satisfy MS4 permit mandates. R2T has also conducted smoke testing to confirm connectivity for storm and sewer connections.

Green Streets Northeast Package

R2T assisted with tasks related to multiple stormwater trenches within PWD’s “Green Street” efforts: Multi-Stage project design development, AutoCAD drawings preparation, preparation of Class 4 Construction Cost Estimates (CCE), and data entry for the PWD’s Guaranteed Pavement Information System (GPIS). R2T also assisted with design deliverables as well as the preparation of design drawings in AutoCAD. The CCE was performed utilizing conceptual plans from which R2T identified all line items and forming construction costs. Furthermore, R2T assisted with design development, line-item estimation, data entry, and estimation reporting.