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Construction and Operations and Maintenance Services

Operations and Maintenance

We are ready to help you Construct your projects with a qualified staff of industry professionals. R2T’s Construction Team is comprised of personnel with experience in all areas of construction, construction management, and construction inspection. Our construction experience includes a wide variety of projects across several industries. R2T has a focused effort in the Public Sector on Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities, Water Distribution Systems, Wastewater Collection Systems, Storm Drainage Systems and Water Resources.

Tools and Procedures

Several key resources required during construction projects have already been established and implemented by R2T such as:

  • Document Controls. R2T utilizes a web-based document control system that populates, tracks, documents, and reports all relevant construction activities and issues.
  • Health and Safety Manual. R2T maintains a well-tested and established health and safety manual that is used  and updated routinely by our construction staff to further reduce risk and potential of safety issues.
  • Quality Control. R2T employs a field-based quality control manual that was developed and is used by our construction staff to ensure the proper planning, implementation, and commissioning of construction activities.
Areas of Expertise
  • Licensed General Contractor
  • Licensed Utility Contractor
  • Construction Management for Owners
  • Resident Project Representation
  • Construction Inspections
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control Services

The R2T Team provides operation and maintenance (O&M) services to water and wastewater treatment facilities. Our O&M services include: start up and acceptance testing; day-to-day operations; permit reporting and documentation; process optimization; engineering/construction of modifications to treatment facilities; preventative maintenance; safety plans and procedures; repair and replacement tasks.

Our approach is centered around an extensive document control system that provides procedures, templates and requirements.

Typical projects performed by our team include responsibility for all of the items listed above for a 5 MGD water treatment plant for the United states Army Corps of Engineers In Florida. Our staff has been responsible for the Florida plant for more than 18 months and have implemented all of the potential tasks listed above.

R2T staff is set up and equipped to handle all or any of the specific tasks discussed and outlined above. Let us know how we can help.